By Ruochen Huang

Today, Berkeley Startup Central is proud to announce the launch of two exhaustive databases for the platform: BerkeleyBase and BSC Resources.


With BerkeleyBase, we have created a centralized destination for entrepreneurs, investors, and students to discover Berkeley-affiliated startups. This represents the largest public effort to track Berkeley funding for the community. By capturing all publicly disclosed funding, we are able to provide the most quantitative measure of the local startup landscape.

And Berkeley is strong on this front, with numerous startups going on to raise funding from top VCs as well as participate in accelerators such as Y Combinator.

Our methodology is simple: to optimize accuracy, we decided to go straight to the source. In addition to consulting news sources and company pages on Angel List, we reached out to incubator and accelerator programs on campus to start tracking the success of their portfolio companies. 

With over 120 companies and over 100 funding rounds listed, BerkeleyBase is currently the most exhaustive public database for Berkeley startups and their respective funding history — and we are constantly striving to be the most comprehensive.

BSC Resources

Berkeley is often a confusing place for the budding entrepreneur. What resources are available to help me with my awesome idea? Which incubator/accelerator program should I apply to? What clubs can I join where I can meet similarly inclined people?

We want to help answer these questions. Our first step is to create a filterable and sortable database to quickly understand both on campus and off campus resources available in Berkeley. With over 50 entries, BSC Resources was carefully curated to ensure that each topic and specialty offered was represented.

See your startup or organization missing?

For both BerkeleyBase and BSC Resources, please let us know if we are missing your startup or any information! Gathering and tracking data is a trek — we want our platform to be a catalyst towards making Berkeley community a bit more structured.

We would like to acknowledge support from Adam Sterling at Startup@BerkeleyLaw for his support in this initiative.

Berkeley Startup Central Launches BerkeleyBase and BSC Resources

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