Hello from Berkeley Startup Central!

Berkeley Startup Central is a platform for entrepreneurs, investors, students, and everyone in between to learn about and interact with Berkeley startups.

Berkeley's startup community, while vibrant, is scattered. As a result, we often do not realize that every organization has some overlap despite each operating separately. Our goal at Berkeley Startup Central is to bring the community closer together by providing exhaustive resources available to fit the purview of anyone ranging from an interested student to a venture partner. We are an independent website with the goal of highlighting the best stuff going on in Berkeley without a bias toward a particular organization.

Josh Ephraim is a JD/MBA student at UC Berkeley. In addition to being the founder of Berkeley Startup Central, Josh is a partner at Dorm Room Fund.

Josh can be reached at jephraim@berkeley.edu or on twitter @joshephraim


Ruochen Huang is a senior at UC Berkeley and joined Berkeley Startup Central to spearhead the BerkeleyBase and BSC Resources platforms. Ruochen was first exposed to startups at CrunchBase, where he helped create the TechCrunch Unicorn Leaderboard, and wrote an TC article or two about wearables. He enjoys listening to people's latest creative ideas, and helping out using his experiences. In his spare time, Ruochen enjoys making Tableau data visualizations, playing in jam sessions, and exploring interesting places (especially restaurants).

Ruochen can be best reached on Linkedin or Twitter. Let's talk!